Franchise Services Supports Businesses Through Uncertain Times


As an essential business, all Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics locations nationwide remained open and operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic providing high-quality printing, sign and marketing services and support to small, medium, and large businesses. Franchise Services, Inc., is the parent company of these three businesses.

Franchise Services, Inc., President and COO Richard Lowe said, “Throughout the pandemic, each of our locations provided businesses within their community with unique printing, signage and marketing projects that were essential to them staying open. Our owners spent countless hours learning about and providing necessary personal protective equipment supplies, social distancing labels such as floor and window graphics, restaurant menus and face shields so that open businesses could operate safely. They truly adapted to the changing environment and learned new skills to remain competitive.”

With many businesses closing completely, or having employees work from home, owners have come up with alternative methods of reaching their clients. From integrated marketing and sales approaches, to virtual meetings, to personal direct mail letters. Many franchise owners have also been successful in purchasing books-of-business from print or sign shop owners who are looking to move on.

Bob Pelzek, owner of PIP in Hartford, Middletown and Waterbury, Connecticut, as well as East Longmeadow and Waltham, Massachusetts, said, “Unusual times call for unusual responses. In all my years, it never occurred to me that we may be selling PPE products. The pandemic left us with few options for operating our business as usual, yet it provided us with new ways to keep our doors open and our loyal staff employed.

“We spent several months calling on the front-line medical facilities and essential manufacturers and were able to substantially increase our overall sales figures at a very crucial time, and we continue to market to these same new contacts today with our complete product line.”

About Franchise Services

Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI) is a franchise management company that owns the franchise brands, Sir Speedy, PIP, Signal Graphics and TeamLogic IT. Franchise Services has a fifty-year history managing award-winning brands that support the small- to medium-sized business market. The company’s brands and worldwide affiliates encompass more than 400 locations in 12 countries.

—Press Release