Orbus Recycles Over 80% of its Total Waste in 2021

To commemorate Earth Month and Earth Day, Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, North America’s largest wholesale supplier and manufacturer of visual communications solutions, is proud to share that it recycled 80.4% of its total waste in 2021.

Orbus recognizes that the world’s natural resources are limited and fragile and the company considers environmental protection to be at the core of what it does. For over 12 years, Orbus has been committed to ISO: 14001 for environmental management and green efforts.

Orbus increased the amount of waste it recycled and diverted from landfill 2.7% from 2020 and surpassed its goal as well. The company recycles aluminum, plastic, fabric, steel and cardboard, cores, and paper; in total, it recycled 869,351 total pounds of materials in 2021 and is on track to exceed this percentage in 2022.

orbus recycle earth day“We are proud of the recycling efforts and programs we have in place,” says Jim Concannon, Operations Manager & ISO Representative for Orbus. “They are part of our core values and we continue to ingrain into our company culture.”