INX International Sponsors Cw4k

CannedWater4kids (cw4k) has announced that INX International Ink Company has signed on as a major sponsor. This marks the eleventh year that INX has supported CW4K and their purpose to make sure all children, worldwide have access to sustainable clean, safe drinking water.

INX International is the third-largest producer of ink in North America. The company is a global leader offering a full line of ink and coating solutions technology for commercial, packaging, and digital print applications.

“We are excited and proud to have INX participating as a major sponsor,” said Greg Stromberg, CW4K founder, and CEO. “Their generous support will help us to develop, fund, and deliver sustainable clean drinking water solutions at a faster pace.”

John Hrdlick, INX President & CEO, said, “This year’s enhanced sponsorship opportunity was attractive to us for several reasons. First, we value giving back and have always liked CW4K’s mission of helping to make sure all children have access to clean, safe drinking water. Second, it shows our support for the metal packaging industry, and third, it provides us visibility supporting a global charity doing good.”

“We noticed that the charity was not only helping with clean drinking water solutions across the globe but also here at home. That was attractive to us,” added Renee Schouten, INX International’s Director of Marketing.

INX International is the world leader in the manufacture of metal decorating inks and coatings. The company’s consistent quality has earned the trust of iconic brands like Coke, Pepsi, Miller, Anheuser Busch, and Folgers, to name a few.

In appreciation of the support that INX has provided over the years, cw4k will include the company’s logo on their packaging. It will also incorporate a statement announcing that cw4k decorates their bottles with INX ink.

“All of our aluminum bottles and cans are decorated beautifully with ink from INX,” said Stromberg. “People always comment on how great the design looks with it’s bright, brilliant colors. Using the finest inks and coatings along with the INX Color Perfection system makes the difference.”

cW4K water is available in 12 oz. cans (sparkling) and 16 oz. aluminum bottles/12 oz. cans (still). One can buy the water by the case, pallet or truckload. Perfect for corporate, hospitality, home, school, or vending. drink this water and help cW4K save children’s lives.

Ninety-five percent of the money collected by cw4k from the sale of their drinking water packaged in aluminum bottles and cans goes to fund and deliver sustainable, clean drinking water projects. Private donors cover their operating costs.

About CannedWater4Kids

CannedWater4Kids is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Sussex, Wisconsin. The organization’s purpose is to ensure all children have access to clean, safe drinking water. CW4K funds its initiatives with cash donations, grants, and through the sale of their premium drinking water in aluminum bottles and cans. To learn more, visit