Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Blog For Your Sign Business

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As a small business owner, it’s likely that you have exceptional knowledge about a certain niche. In the sign industry, this means you’ve spent years perfecting your craft—understanding graphics and the different technologies available for signage.

Inevitably, however, specializing means you’ll have some gaps in your knowledge, and for small business owners that can be dangerous.

Starting a blog might be something you’ve always considered but never known how to approach. Let’s find out everything you need to know to get your blog started and how to make it a thriving success.

Why Start A Blog?

Undoubtedly you’ll have heard about the benefits of starting a blog for small businesses. And whilst you’ll certainly understand that a Web presence is invaluable for small businesses looking to make a splash, it’s often less obvious how a blog will boost your business.

A blog is a great tool because it pads your Web site out with valuable content, sharing your knowledge and expertise with users. This knowledge will serve to introduce your business to new customers, and these visitors will help boost your SEO, helping your Web site climb Google’s rankings. Hubspot’s research shows that blogging can bring up to 55 percent more visitors to your Web site—and that’s more people hearing about your business, every day.

“Blogging also gives you another reason to reach out to your customers through email marketing campaigns,” says Wilma Scott, a writer at Paper Fellows and Essay Writer. “Every blog is going to be packed full of unique tricks that your audience will love, so these emails will be a welcome reminder of your business.” You’ll be driving more traffic to your business through your blog as well as bringing visitors to your Web site.

Finding a Space for Your Blog

The first step in building your blog is figuring out where to put it.

Chances are you are already running a Web site informing customers of the crucial details of your business—and if you’re not, you really should be. Whether your Web site is built through WordPress, Squarespace. or another software, there’s always an in-built blogger for you to get started using.

Log into your Web site and scan the dashboard for the words “blog” and “post.” This is where you’ll craft your entries and load them onto your site.

It’s so quick getting started with blogging that there’s no excuse not to have this valuable content as part of your digital strategy.

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Your Blogging Goals

Creating a well-crafted blog is about more than just great content.

Before you start blogging it’s important to think about what you want to get out of your blog. Increased sales might be number one, but by narrowing your objectives you can get more out of your blog.

Blogs can interact with customers in many ways.

For example, email marketing was mentioned above, and if this is a primary objective for your blog. then you can assume you’re reaching out to people who have bought signs from you before. These customers are familiar with your business and already have a superficial understanding of the graphics and screens available. Taking a deep dive into the technology will showcase your understanding and help this audience grasp what they have to gain.

Blogs can also be used to find new customers, and blogs serve as a great introduction to what the sign industry can provide. If that’s the way you want to use your blog then you may want to consider blogging more generally about your business, introducing yourself and your employees to build the foundation of a relationship.

Your Content Strategy

Once you understand your blogging goals, you can move onto the content of your blog.

Content is at the heart of the blogosphere, and a good blog is nothing if it isn’t providing valuable content to the audience.

“You should never blog for the sake of it,” says Kathleen Tiller, a tech blogger at OXEssays and Thesis Writing. “Always consider what you’re offering your readers and find some way to pack your blog with useful information and advice.”

Figuring out the perfect content for your blog is essential to creating a thriving reader base.

Ask yourself what your readers really want to know. Many people will approach a sign business with little idea of what’s possible for them—drawing on your FAQs and recent customer enquiries will give you an objective look at the questions your customers are asking. Your blog is the perfect place to respond.

Signing Off

As a business owner, we’re sure you’re itching to share your specialist skills. Blogging is a great way to connect with your customers and reach new ones too.

Start exploring a content strategy today and you’ll see the benefits with customers coming through the door tomorrow.

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Katherine Rundell.

—Katherine Rundell

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