Stouse Launches New Web Site Platform

With its new Web site, Stouse, LLC is drastically enhancing customers’ digital interactions making it faster and easier for authorized resellers to quote and order specialty printed items, like decals, magnets, roll labels, signs, plastics, and much more.

By incorporating a new back-end architecture, Stouse gives customers a faster, more intuitive way of navigating through 3,000+ products to fulfill their printing requirements. Customers can filter, sort, and select their product and easily create an instant online quote or order. Authorized visitors will also experience improved account management features, such as a robust order history and status, e-commerce features, and free sales tools. Additionally, an online chat feature for logged-in resellers gives customers the ability to ask and receive immediate answers during expanded business hours.

Nikkie Freeman, Stouse Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “We’re excited to bring an online tool like this to market. We listened to our customers’ feedback to design a website that meets their business needs, making it easy for them to find the right products and place their orders online. It aligns with our mission to put our customers first and make it easy to do business with Stouse.”

Stouse Express is also a feature of the Web site, providing authorized resellers an online tool to receive items fast, delivering in as few as two days. Users can configure an instant online quote for more than 450 top-selling products. They can easily upload art, check printability, and approve the online proof in minutes, making their job easier.

StouseFreeman added, “Stouse already provides outstanding, personalized customer service giving our resellers the confidence to accept jobs they might have otherwise turned away. The new online platform provides our customers a way to self-serve on quotes and orders that they did not have before, allowing them to meet the demands of end users in an efficient manner.

“With Stouse, they know they can expect to get a high-quality product with competitive pricing and now they have an online tool that helps them drive growth in their own businesses.”