PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau is Unveiled

Speakers Bureau

PRINTING United Alliance has unveiled its newest program and resource available to the industry: the PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau. The Speakers Bureau is comprised of the widespread talent now together under one roof after Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, NAPCO Media and Printing Industries of America officially united as PRINTING United Alliance.

A dedicated page on the PRINTING United Alliance Web site highlights the Alliance staff members who frequently speak at industry events, along with their industry experience and topics they frequently speak to. The site is easily accessible and centralized to streamline requests for these Alliance staff members to participate in future events, both online and in person.

Meet the PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau

Members of the PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau are highly respected in the printing industry and speak to some of the most demanding topics, trends, and latest industry developments. Current Alliance speakers and respective subject areas are as follows, with more slated to join the lineup:

Government Affairs

  • Michael Makin – Executive Vice President, PRINTING United Alliance
  • Marci Kinter – Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs
  • Lisbeth Lyons – Vice President, Government and Political Affairs
  • Gary Jones – Director, Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs
  • Adriane Harrison – Vice President, Human Relations Consulting


  • Andrew D. Paparozzi – Chief Economist
  • Nathan Safran – Vice President, Research, NAPCO Media
  • Lisa Cross – Principal Analyst, NAPCO Media


  • Joe Marin – Senior Vice President, Education and Training
  • Jim Workman – Vice President, Technology and Research
  • Ray Weiss – Director, Digital Print Programs NAPCO Media Brands
  • Denise M. Gustavson – Editorial Director and Special Projects Editor – Printing and Packaging; Editor-in-Chief, Wide-Format Impressions magazine
  • Mark Michelson – Editor-in-Chief, Printing Impressions magazine
  • Bob Neubauer – Editor-in-Chief, In-Plant Impressions magazine
  • Cory Francer – Editor-in-Chief, Packaging Impressions magazine NAPCO Media/Women in Leadership
  • Jen DiPasquale – President and Co-Founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle and Total Retail

“The launch of the PRINTING United Alliance Speakers Bureau is yet another program we are bringing to our valued members and partners, and industry at large,” says Ford Bowers, president and CEO, PRINTING United Alliance. “We are proud of our talented staff that dedicate themselves to championing their respective subject matter jurisdiction. We are hoping that, by building this Bureau and accompanying site, those looking to work with us to secure these talented individuals for their own engagements moving forward will find that process easier than ever.”

Request a Speaker

To request a PRINTING United Alliance speaker for an online or in-person event, visit and fill out the Speaker Request Form at the bottom of the page. Please note that a standard fee applies for all speaking engagements. Consultative services for environmental, health and safety issues, and human resources, are also available upon request. Please reach out to [email protected] for further information about these services.

—Press Release