SGIA Takes Color Management Boot Camp to Australia

EHS sgia australia color management

EHS sgia australia color managementOver the past four years, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) has presented dozens of Color Management Boot Camps throughout the United States. This month, the program went international: The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association of Australia (SGIAA) brought it to Melbourne, Australia.

“We are seeing consistent industry trends that confirm that companies are recognizing that they can differentiate themselves through color management. We seized the opportunity to raise the profile of color and provide our members with access to the quality training needed to manage color effectively,” said SGIAA President Nigel Davies, who approached SGIA about bringing the workshop to his membership.

Ray Weiss, SGIA Director of Digital Print Programs, led the Color Management Boot Camp in Melbourne April 2 – 4. One of his objectives was to lay the groundwork for the Australian group to conduct its own Color Management Boot Camps.

“Our Color Management Boot Camps add hands-on experience to in-depth knowledge about color theory. Both are critical to successful prints, no matter which hemisphere you’re in,” said Weiss. “The Australian printers were eager to learn — and to practice what they learned.”

Weiss pointed out that color specifications differ in the United States and Australia, as the Australian printing community tends to use European targets and specifications such as FOGRA, but he also noted, “The principles behind successful color management don’t change.”

David Crowther, an Australian color expert, was certified to conduct future SGIA Color Management Boot Camps.

“One of the reasons for this trip was to give the Australian printing industry the framework to conduct color management training on its own,” Weiss added.

SGIA conducts Color Management Boot Camps in the United States throughout the year. Though not required, they’re a first step toward achieving an SGIA Digital Color Professional certification. Learn more and register.