Sign Research Foundation Releases New Insights

Sign Research FoundationA new report just released by the Sign Research Foundation, “Wayfinding Management: Models & Methods in Healthcare Environments,” offers protocols to make it as easy as possible for visitors to navigate massive and often overwhelming facilities.

The report looks at best practices in large healthcare institutions where visitors rely on signs and maps to guide them through these ever-changing landscapes. Many of these best practices may be applied outside healthcare—to any complex facility that relies on efficiently navigating visitors. The research was authored by Leslie Wolke, founder of MapWell Studio.

Seven case studies dive into the people, processes and tools that large medical facilities in the U.S. have implemented to manage their wayfinding systems, from static signage to wayfinding apps. These case studies focus on operational and organizational systems and can help in establishing or improving wayfinding systems and operations.

Research into science, technology, design, placement and regulation of signs is just one aspect of SRF’s work. It hosts the National Sign Research & Education Conference (NSREC) March 21st. The event is co-located with ISA Sign Expo 2018 in Orlando, Florida.