A To-Do List for Your Business During Coronavirus Shutdown

To-Do List
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.

Malcolm Gieske, is a managing member of Identity Group, LLC (ID Wraps), a company based in Slatington, Pennsylvania that specializes in high-quality vehicle wraps. He is also a PDAA Master/3M UASG/Avery CWI Certified Installer. Malcolm oversees all facets of the wrap and wide format process at his company where he has hired a quality team.

In Pennsylvania, all non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down, and his county is currently under Stay at Home orders. Currently he has locked his building to keep current projects going and does have a few staffers working remotely to keep them moving as possible.

Malcolm decided to share some positive thoughts how small businesses can prepare for the COVID-19 outbreak in the form of a to-do list and allowed Sign Builder Illustrated to reprint and share his message with his permission:

As small businesses brace for impact with the COVID-19 outbreak and Governor [Tom] Wolf’s shutdown mandate, I’ve managed to find some optimism among all of the doom and gloom that we may be seeing in the media. So here is a message that will surely contrast with every single Corona-related email you’ve gotten lately.

As things got a little quiet around our shop, I’m reminded of my business coach doubling down on the necessity to “work on your business, not in it.” Since we’re not going to be super productive, now seems to be the time for planning and working on business development. We get so busy at times that I often lose sight of these important things.

If you own a business (this is most of our clients,) I hope that you may find some inspiration with the sharing of my own to do list for my business. I hope that you too may be motivated to stay off the couch this weekend and plan for the better times coming to us all in the near future.

Malcolm’s To-Do List:

  1. Investigate special financing and government grant programs as they become available.

2. Create an action plan to prioritize and efficiently execute projects when our state’s business shutdown orders are lifted. This includes projected overtime costs.

3. Improve systems. Now is a good time to further document our workflow and policies. When things are in writing, it is easier to keep everyone on track.

4. Investigate new technology. Every day there seems to be a new app that helps us be better organized and add efficiency. I’m specifically looking into tsheets.com to automate payroll and get rid of our old punch clock.

5. Growth plan. Are we expanding products offered and/or the geography that we are currently serving?

6. Hiring. Before the outbreak, we were poised to add two new positions in our company. I have not shut down my Indeed ads, and am still having interview conversations. Should there be pent up demand- I want to be ready. In the event that things are slow, at least the door is open for when I’m ready to hire.

Above is just my initial brainstorm list. There will be many more “to do’s.” Do feel free to reply and share yours.