Sign Effectz Invests in ADA Compliant Signage Business

Sign Effectz, Inc., a designer and builder of custom commercial signage, has announced a major investment in its ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant wayfinding signage business line. The company’s investment is in manufacturing equipment, additional staff and outside specialists. The goal is to accelerate its share of this strategically important business line.

According to Sign Effectz, Inc., President Adam Brown, “There is a strong need in the market for a sign company that partners with contractors and property owners to meet their target occupancy dates. Navigating a multitude of ADA signage codes and regulations on your own can be daunting. With our deep experience, Sign Effectz is well positioned to assist customers with ADA-compliant wayfinding signs.”

ADA-compliant wayfinding signage helps people safely navigate public and private spaces. Such signs must meet a host of requirements for size, font, spacing, location, etc. Sign Effectz, Inc., provides ADA-compliant signs for general contractors, building and property owners and managers, as well as manufacturing companies, retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, universities, municipalities and government agencies.

New Equipment

In 2020, Sign Effectz, Inc., constructed and built out a manufacturing department that includes several CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to perform 3D routing, 3D engraving, material lamination and detailed sign assembly.

These machines are specific to the ADA sign industry and are essential in performing the high-level details required for ADA-compliant braille signage. Creating fully compliant ADA braille signs requires a great deal of knowledge about the intricacies of the ADA statutes. These new machines aid in the alignment of that knowledge and the manufacturing process.

Dedicated Staff

Because of the complex nature of specifying, designing and building ADA-compliant wayfinding signs, the company has recruited and hired a dedicated project manager. Professional project management is vital to helping customers meet the occupancy date for their commercial real estate properties.

The manager handles every project detail from start to finish, ensuring project milestones are properly documented, coordinated and communicated. This will alleviate any customer concerns about target occupancy dates or whether signs will comply with codes and regulations. The company creates a code-compliant Master Sign Plan for the customer that includes a sign product and location guide unique to the customer’s space and aligned perfectly with its brand.

Core Competencies

Sign Effectz, Inc., has expanded its core competencies by contracting with a business development firm, Vx Group. The firm’s team of experienced professionals will conduct outreach campaigns to strategic target audiences. Vx Group will work alongside the company’s sales team, promoting Sign Effectz products and services and introducing the company to new high-value customers. The goal is to simultaneously improve the company’s external marketing communications as well as its internal processes.

—Press Release