Orbus Kicks Off Project Cat Fundraisers

Project Cat

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group®, one of North America’s leading trade suppliers of display, exhibit, and event solutions, is proud to announce a series of company fundraisers to raise money for the efforts of Discovery and the World Wildlife Fund’s collaboration, Project Cat. Fundraisers will occur in July, August, and September and are set to include an ice cream social, bake sale, chili cookoff and more.

Orbus employees will be encouraged to participate and contribute in each event throughout the summer by donating their time, talents and resources. In addition to the scheduled fundraisers, employees will have the opportunity to make monetary donations, and all funds raised will be matched by the company.

“At Orbus, we always try to emphasize the importance of giving back whenever we can,” said Giles Douglas, president & CEO of Orbus. “We take pride in our employees’ eagerness to support important causes like Project Cat and look forward to all of the fundraisers planned for this summer.”

Formed through a partnership between Discovery and the World Wildlife Fund, the goal of Project Cat is to double the number of tigers in the wild by the year 2022. Donations are used to help develop protected land in India and Bhutan to serve as wildlife sanctuaries for tigers.