Stylmark Introduces New AXIA Flexible Surface System

Stylmark, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial and retail fixtures, reveals AXIA™ Flexible Surface System. AXIA is an architectural extrusion system created to Stylmark AXIA Flexible Surface Systemenhance surfaces for commercial, hospitality and retail environments.

AXIA Flexible Surface System is designed to transform walls, columns, ceilings, elevator cab interiors and any other surface you want to revitalize. AXIA can also be used under countertops to add a finishing design touch to Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) areas, hotel registration counters or bars. AXIA can be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally to support any design vision.

Five different AXIA panel styles are currently available that provide aesthetic alternatives for architects and designers to select. AXIA Flexible Surface System consists of a 4” panel that comes in 12’ stock lengths or Stylmark can custom fabricate to accommodate your project needs. AXIA is available in Stylmark’s wide variety of anodized aluminum finishes to support your brand requirements.

“AXIA allows designers and architects creative options when looking at a blank canvas and having several profiles to choose from to create one-of-a-kind areas within an environment,” said Kevin Brown, President of Stylmark. “AXIA is a perfect complement to our TrimMaker® aluminum extrusion product line. Just like those products, AXIA can be anodized to match the designer’s color vision,” added Brown.