Laminators Incorporated Launches the Industry’s Thickest and Strongest ACM Products

LaminatorsLaminators Incorporated has launched the first ultimate high-performance ACM product in the market. The new thicker ACM panels can span across longer, unsupported distances than traditional plywood and ACM products. Alumalite® and Pro-Lite™ 15mm and 25mm panels are an excellent option for applications that require longer, unsupported spans, such as—tradeshow exhibits, P-O-P displays, industrial packaging, shipping/storage containers, etc.

The 15mm/25mm products have the same top-quality characteristics as Laminators’ 6mm/10mm Alumalite and 10mm Pro-Lite panels with the structural performance of plywood. Excellent strength to weight ratio—56 percent greater flexural rigidity over plywood (25mm Alumalite only)—making these panels the strongest ACM in the industry.

The panels offer ultimate rigidity and maximum flatness. They can be easily fabricated with a CNC machine or with standard carpentry tools. The aluminum surface is ideal for paints, digital inks (both UV or solvent cured), screen print inks and pressure-sensitive vinyl. The panels have a ten-year Colorfast warranty as well as a five-year limited warranty on lamination. They are weather-resistant (no edge seal required) and have a class A flame spread rating.

About Laminators Incorporated

Laminators Incorporated, a leading manufacturer for over fifty years, offers a complete line of composite panels for the commercial construction and sign making industries in the United States and Canada. Laminators’ lightweight systems are exceptionally strong and durable, and provide various application solutions making the panels quick and easy for users to fabricate and install. Laminators Incorporated is committed to providing value through high-quality products, innovative application solutions, and superior customer service.

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