Plaskolite Introduces New Sheets for Welding Curtains and Laser Screens

Plaskolite LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of thermoplastic sheet products, today introduced TUFFAK® WC and TUFFAK® LS polycarbonate sheet products, premium polycarbonate sheets designed to protect the eyes and skin from extreme sources of light.
TUFFAK WC is designed for welding curtain and screen applications and offers the high temperature resistance and optical clarity and protection required for arc welding applications with a combination of impact strength, light weight and flexibility far superior to traditional alternatives such as vinyl strips and sheets. These characteristics also make TUFFAK WC well suited for other applications requiring UV light blocking, including screens in tanning salons and enclosures, walkways and other areas under intense sunlight.

TUFFAK WC is available in four transparent colors with high optical clarity: light yellow, medium amber and red, and dark green. It is certified to AWS F2.3M:2011, for transparent welding curtains and screens for light transmission.

TUFFAK LS delivers similar benefits at targeted wavelengths specific to lasers, protecting the eyes and skin from accidental exposure in medical, dental, dermatological, CO2 cutting, and research applications. It is designed for use in door and room windows, as standing panels and movable screens, modular barriers, and tabletop laser enclosures. TUFFAK LS is available in three standard, transparent colors: IR blocking light gray, visible light blocking bright amber, and UV blocking yellow. All colors maintain high optical clarity and visibility. It is certified to ANSI Z136.7: Testing and Labeling of Laser Protective Equipment.

“Welding and laser operations require extreme eye and skin protection due to the intense and harmful light given off by the process,” said Jeff Bostic, vice president of the polycarbonate division of Plaskolite. “TUFFAK WC and LS screens provide protection to operators and others in the immediate vicinity. Traditional materials used to deliver this protection have been flimsy and damage easily. TUFFAK WC delivers all of the necessary protective qualities but with the benefits of polycarbonate sheet, specifically light weight, toughness and ease of fabrication.”

TUFFAK WC and LS are extensions of Plaskolite’s TUFFAK polycarbonate sheet line, which is used in safety shields, signage, face shields, mass transportation glazing, skylights, force entry and ballistic applications, as well as many other applications requiring a combination of strength and light weight.