Trotec Releases Updated Speedy Laser Models

Trotec Laser, Inc. has released new models of its industry-leading Speedy laser engraving machines. The updated Speedy laser models combine existing features—including the industry’s fastest processing speeds, reliable, high-quality results, and the lowest cost of ownership—with more productivity-boosting features than ever.Sales Event

Already the fastest lasers on the market, Speedy systems have stood out from other laser systems on the market in part because of their unique Ceramicore laser source. Ceramicore, in addition to significantly extending product longevity, provides a more stable laser beam with a small diameter and faster pulse rates, allowing Speedy systems to produce even the finest details at high speeds. This technology—already standard for higher power Speedy laser systems—is now available for 30 and 45 watt Speedy systems as well.

Updated Speedy laser models also feature OptiMotion™, an innovative feature that boosts productivity by maximizing cutting speed at highest cutting quality. The operator needs to determine only the power and speed required to cut through the material or to vector engrave. OptiMotion then calculates the speed and acceleration required to achieve the best quality at the highest speed.

Other updates include interior LED lighting, and a new keypad layout with a standard intuitive arrangement of the symbols, and haptic elements for blind operation. The new keypad design also places the key switch and emergency stop switch next to the keypad for increased comfort and safety.

Warren Knipple, president at Trotec Laser, Inc., says the updates to the Speedy laser systems reflect the company’s commitment to helping its customers grow business and stay profitable.

“During the past year, we have learned that the members in our laser user community are even more diverse, business savvy and resilient than we could have imagined,” Knipple says. “These enterprising businesses continue to grow business by always searching for ways to improve production efficiency and product quality, and exploring options for broadening product lines to reach new markets.

“That’s where the new Speedy systems, and any other product updates or innovations we ever make, come in – to help our customers not only survive, but thrive no matter what lies ahead.”