Trotec to Host Third Technology Educational Seminar with Ikonics and JDS

Educational Seminar

Trotec is co-hosting its third educational seminar with IKONICS Imaging and JDS Industries this July to provide training on three important technologies—lasers, sandblasting and sublimation—and to offer insight on how the technologies can work together to give awards and engraving businesses a competitive advantage.

Designed for beginners as well as advanced users, the two-day event will be held at Trotec’s U.S. headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan, on July 12-13. Two previous joint educational seminars were held in Feb. at the Trotec Regional Service and Support Center in Atlanta, and at Trotec’s U.S. Headquarters in Plymouth last August. The cost to attend is $50, which includes a charity donation and covers the cost of an optional networking dinner held on the first day of the seminar. (Cost is $25 for those who choose not to attend the dinner.) Trotec’s last event in Atlanta raised more than $1,000 for local charity, Camp Kudzu. The Plymouth workshop in July will support theTherapeutic Riding, Inc., charity of Ann Arbor.

The seminar will begin with detailed presentations on the basics and best practices of each technology and hands-on training. The agenda will then progress into advanced breakout sessions, followed by demonstrations on how to integrate the technologies. The main theme of this educational seminar will be drink wear, and training will include how to sell into several markets such as awards, promotional products, giftware, and more.

Each technology is used in an array of industries and markets using a number of different materials and techniques. Attendees will gain an understanding of the uses and opportunities each represents. To that end, technical sessions will cover sandcarving techniques such as stage carving, frosting and compound curves; how to choose the right laser processing method for your application; and how to step up sublimation results.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask experts in each area detailed applications questions, and try different techniques for using each technology. Technical experts will be available to test different materials, including substrates that attendees bring with them.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how the capabilities provided by lasers, sandblasting and sublimation can be used separately and together to broaden product offerings, increase quality, and ultimately grow business.

“These seminars support our ongoing plan to provide our customers with more educational opportunities that will help them grow their business,” says Warren Knipple, president of Trotec Laser, Inc. “We received an overwhelming reponse and a great deal of positive feedback regarding our previous educational events. We are thrilled to see how many forward-thinking businesses are taking advantage of these educational opportunities to broaden their business capabilities and gain a competitive advantage.”

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