Vycom Introduces Celtec Woodgrain Sheets at ISA Sign Expo

Vycom Corp., is pleased to announce a new Celtec® Woodgrain premium signboard material that adds texture for creating durable, wood looking signage applications. This material offers a more durable, lower maintenance solution than wood for signage and display applications requiring a wood-like surface. Celtec Woodgrain material will make its debut in the Vycom booth 4853 at the ISA Sign Expo 2019, April 24-26, in Las Vegas.

The Celtec line of premium signboard solutions is designed for wide format display applications that demand the highest quality sign materials. The Woodgrain addition expands the Celtec line by giving print service providers and sign makers the ability to offer a wood-looking surface to their clients, with the durability and production ease of using Celtec PVC sheets.

Durable Wood Alternative

Celtec Woodgrain material is a textured substrate that can be used to create signage and structures, offering a durable alternative to wood and an aesthetically pleasing alternative to replica wood surfaces. It is more weather-, impact-, and insect-resistant than wood and will not warp, cut ,or split. It is lighter than wood, reducing shipping and material handling costs. It offers texture and durability not available in painted or vinyl-covered surfaces. Woodgrain materials stand up to heavy use and weather, reducing replacement costs and extending the life of the signage.

Versatility for a Range of Applications

Woodgrain material is as easy to use and versatile as any product in the Celtec line of premium signboard solutions. It can be used as a digitally printed sign face, or in sign structure trim applications. Its low maintenance and high durability make it ideal for both indoor or outdoor use and enables artistic expression by adding a textural contrast to an otherwise flat service. Restaurant menu boards, entertainment signage, interior décor, exhibits, business signage, wayfinding, campgrounds and park identity, and custom residential signage are all application ideas for Woodgrain sheets.

Celtec: Improved Throughput in Finishing

At the core of the Celtec line is its high-density construction that lends itself to a variety of fabrication processes. Consistent craftsmanship in manufacturing ensures print service providers always receive sheets with dependable quality.

Celtec premium signboard is designed to reduce manual touchpoints in the finishing stage. Its high-density construction ensures clean edges after cutting or routing, eliminating the time-consuming step of manual deburring. The substrate’s surface promotes superior ink adhesion, reducing chipping or cracking after cutting that can lead to substrate and ink waste; and ensuring an increased yield of sellable prints.

Celtec products deliver consistency in flatness and gauge, resulting in distortion-free printing and effectively eliminating head strikes. Quality construction provides for a range of finishing processes including knife- and die-cutting; select Celtec sign material can also be thermoformed.

Expertly Crafted in the USA

Vycom is an industry leader of premium plastics that replace traditional materials and provide value through lower maintenance, refined aesthetics, and reduced total cost. Since all Vycom products are manufactured in the USA at the company’s multiple facilities in Pennsylvania encompassing well over a million square feet of space, Vycom’s manufacturing agility enables high responsiveness to fluctuations in customer demand. Customers can rest assured that the company’s just-in-time production capability and available rapid delivery can help keep their wide format print and sign production running smoothly.


Celtec Woodgrain is available with a white finish in 4-by-8-foot sheets in 12mm (0.5-inch), 19mm (0.75-inch) and 25mm (1-inch) standard thicknesses. Celtec Woodgrain in 10mm thickness is available for quantity orders. For more information on this new offering, please contact Vycom at [email protected].

For more information, visit https://www.vycomplastics.com/.

—Press Release