Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric for Latex/Solvent Printers

Recycled Adhesive Fabric
HP Recycled Removable Adhesive Fabric (Latex/solvent).

Due to the popularity of HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric for aqueous printers, HP now introduces HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent), made with recycled water bottles* and coating materials for Original HP Latex, solvent, low-solvent, and UV-curable inks.

HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent) has the same remarkable water-based, repositionable adhesive that doesn’t harden over time and can be mounted on indoor and outdoor surfaces without leaving a residue.

“HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent) is the ideal solution  for a variety of applications and is offered at a comparable price to traditional non-post-consumer recycled products,” says Michelle Oczkowski, BMG Product Manager for HP Large Format Media.

This non-PVC product meets environmental and safety standards, can help to reduce the environmental impact of printing and is certified slip-resistant for floor graphics. It can be contour cut and applied without stretching.

—Press Release

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