Self-piercing Grommets Gripping Teeth Hold Tight Under Tension

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A new line of self-piercing metal grommets with gripping teeth on the washers that provide strong holding power for a wide range of industrial applications where there is constant tension is being introduced by of Dighton, Massachusetts.

ClipsShop® Self-Piercing Grommet Sets are made from solid brass and feature gripping teeth that provide extra holding power for applications where there is tension under use.  Preventing a grommet from being pulled out of the hole, the gripping teeth are ideally suited for multiple layers and thicker materials subjected to pulling, high winds, and similar conditions.

Offered in 1/2-inch (#4) and 5/8-inch (#5) sizes and several colors, ClipsShop Self-Piercing Grommet Sets have proven well suited for applications such as awnings, banners, privacy screens, tarpaulins, tents, and truck covers.

ClipsShop Self-Piercing Grommet Sets are priced from $60.28 (list) for 500 sets of grommets and washers] and volume discounts offered.  Free samples are available upon request and dealer inquiries are invited.

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