THE BEAST TS7 Heat Press Has Arrived!


THE BEAST by Secabo combines a revolutionary patented membrane heating system with a heated base plate delivering unsurpassed performance and versatility. The TS7 SMART™ Swing Away Heat Press is manufactured from high-quality, precision components providing precise accurate transfers throughout the production cycle.

Featuring a modular design, the Secabo TS7 Smart Heat Press allows the operator to quickly and easily swap components to overcome the most demanding applications. The combined product “THE BEAST,” heats up quickly, provides up to a 40 percent energy savings, protects delicate garments, and solves common transfer problems including white toner transfers, transfer across collars, buttons and zippers. Do it all with THE BEAST by Secabo.

Benefits of THE BEAST by Secabo
  • Made in Germany from high-quality, precision components.
  • World’s first membrane heat platen perfect for delicate garments, transfer across buttons, collars, and zippers without pressure marks.
  • Heated base platen combined with membrane top platen to overcome the challenges of the most demanding applications including white toner transfers.
  • Fast three-minute warm up time with up to a 40 percent energy savings over conventional heat presses.
  • Compatibility with the Secabo Quick-Change™ system providing flexibility in production workflow.
  • Bluetooth interface to the Secabo SMART Transfer App™ with integrated transfer database.

Additional information on the Secabo TS7 Swing Away Membrane Heat Press is available on the Supply55 website at or by calling Supply55 at (734) 668-0755. Take control of your workflow today with THE BEAST from Secabo and Supply55.