The Trade Group Adds New Exhibit to their METALLI Line

Standing out in a crowded, frenetic trade show environment is one of the biggest challenges exhibitors face today. Luckily, there is METALLI Pisa. The Trade Group’s new 20-by-20-foot METALLI Pisa exhibit features a 15.25-foot angled tower and fabric murals to help your exhibit stand out. The Pisa also includes an eye-catching bridge feature with recessed LED lights to brighten the space.

The Trade Group’s senior designer Brad Cline, who designed the Pisa, says, “My goal for the METALLI® Pisa kit was to make something sleek, modern and very clean looking. I wanted it to be unique from our existing offerings, as well as providing a more affordable solution for clients with a cost restrictive 20-by-20-foot exhibit need.”

The sky-high angled murals extend brand visibility upward, allowing event attendees to easily locate your booth space while the angled tower eliminates the need for hanging signs and any associated rigging costs.

“The large angular wall took on several iterations in the design process, ultimately arriving at what we now see in the Pisa structure. I felt I had achieved a balance of modern and clean design, with an angular feature that makes it unique and visually appealing,” says Cline, who has been designing exhibits at TTG for over twenty years.

The Pisa design also works well for exhibitors who prefer a booth space with an open feel. In the island configuration, the Pisa provides a clear line of sight into the booth from all four sides.

The METALLI Pisa display can also be customized to suit a variety of branding and functional goals. Key customizing features include:

Huge, impressive one-of-a-kind fabric murals. The Pisa’s angled walls are constructed of custom SEG fabric graphics that can be printed in house at TTG with any creative you choose. You name it. Our VUTEk grand format printer can print it—from brand messaging to photos to landscapes and more.

One tower or two? The standard Pisa configuration includes one angled tower, but a second tower can be added to complement the first or highlight different products or services.

Opt for a peninsula or island display configuration. Exhibitors can adjust the floor plan of their exhibit with the Pisa display. Choose the open feel of an island exhibit or convert to a peninsula configuration based on needs or preferences.

Include kiosks, product displays, and semiprivate meeting spaces. Since the tower feature can be positioned in the middle, back or just about anywhere in between, consider using the tower and bridge to section off up to six distinct spaces for kiosks, product demos, or semi-private meeting spaces. Freestanding kiosks can be added as needed.

Upgrade bridge graphics with light boxes. Both ends of the eleven-foot-high bridge offer ample room for custom, branded graphics. Consider upgrading to LED light boxes with SEG fabric to make brand messaging pop.

Optional storage closet. Add a storage closet adjacent to the tower to store extra supplies, products, marketing materials and valuables during an event.

Complete the space with reception counters, seating, A/V, printed flooring and more. As with all the designs in the METALLI line of modular trade show exhibits, The Trade Group offers a full line of complementary accessories to meet any branding, aesthetics, technology, and functional goals.