22 G7® Experts Certified at The Standard Group

Idealliance in partnership with The Standard Group in Lancaster, PA hosted G7 training at their print production facility to certify 22 G7 Experts through live print production Idealliance G7demonstration and implementation of G7 throughout the prepress to press workflow. G7 Experts from across North America collaborated during this event to share experience and print and color management strategies in their roles as print suppliers, print technology developers & OEMs, prepress and color technicians, graphic communications students, brands, and print buyers.

These twenty-two G7 Experts experienced first-hand, in a live production facility, how G7 impacts the print supply chain with one file, one separation, one aim point, one calibration and remarkably similar visual appearance across any print technology throughout a facility, and the entire print supply chain.

G7 and G7 Experts support the industry with an incredible knowledge base to build process control centered cultures within print facilities as color management is critical to the business performance of print suppliers, and the brands and print buyers they serve through added efficiencies, profitability and continually raising the bar for print production quality and consistency.

Idealliance certified G7 Experts support, align, and maintain G7 Master Facilities, such as The Standard Group, and their process control driven cultures around the globe to allow these print service providers to meet the call of brands, creatives, and print buyers regardless of print technology and application to achieve visual consistency and process control throughout all print production workflows to align Print Anywhere™-one file, one separation, one target, one calibration, one remarkable similar visual appearance, any machine, any print technology, anywhere in the world.

“Idealliance is proud to announce certification of these twenty-two individuals covering the entire print and packaging supply chain. With G7 Experts including OEMs & technology providers, print service providers, creatives, brands, and print buyers in one class, this drives maximum alignment throughout the entire supply chain utilizing the G7 near-neutral specification for print quality and consistency across all print technologies. The Standard Group provided a first-hand look to these participants on leading practices of G7 from prepress to production, and process control and the impact on efficiency, quality, and meeting the demands of print buyers and brands for visual consistency and the tightest control of print quality and color regardless of print technology,” says Jordan Gorski, Vice President of Global Certification Programs.

Upcoming G7 Trainings include: Minneapolis, MN August 13-15; Anaheim, CA September 24-26; Brussels, Belgium October 1-3, and many others around the world through Idealliance’s 12 global offices. A calendar of upcoming training can be found at idealliance.org/g7training.

For more information about G7 and G7 training opportunities, visit connect.idealliance.org/g7/home or contact Jordan Gorski at (703) 837-1096 or [email protected].