Canon Solutions America Highlights Brianne Baggetta, Owner of The Mailworks, for Women’s History Month

Nearly a decade ago, Brianne Baggetta took over her family-owned production print and mail company, The Mailworks, a full service direct mail marketing firm based in Albany, Brianne Baggetta The MailworksNew York. Growing up witnessing her mother, Pamela Cassick, achieve success as an entrepreneur and company president inspired Brianne to follow suit, becoming President of the company at just 28 years of age. Under Brianne’s leadership as CEO and President, she has guided The Mailworks to achieve a 251% growth in just nine years by focusing on business development, acquisitions, and solution-based selling techniques.

Processing over 100 million pieces of direct mail each year, The Mailworks has provided direct mail and marketing solutions to national companies and local New York businesses since 1984. With more than 80 industry professionals managing its ever-evolving operation, The Mailworks is also recognized for providing companies, both large and small, with quality and cost effective print and mail project management services.

The Mailworks first entered the world of sheetfed inkjet with the installation of both the ProStream 1000 and VarioPrint i300 from Canon, which enabled them to quickly expand business offerings, increase productivity, and reduce overall costs and turnaround time. This addition further enabled Brianne to grow the business exponentially, contributing to her overall success as a young, female business owner.

“Taking that first step to investing in inkjet technology has really catapulted our business forward,” said Baggetta. “As we’ve expanded our offerings and taken on more clients, we knew we needed to invest in the right technology that could help us handle the day-to-day core project requirements with flexibility. Moving to inkjet gave us the ability to still accommodate our customers’ price points, while also meeting their personalization needs for mail pieces. We’re more confident than ever in the direction we’re heading and are excited to see the doors that will continue to open for us.”

The MailworksUnder Brianne’s leadership, The Mailworks has successfully acquired major accounts, leading to new business opportunities and revenue streams. Understanding that there was room for even further growth, The Mailworks began to research the omnipresent inkjet revolution, and looked for ways in which it could capitalize on the industry’s newest trends.

Baggetta attributes the company-wide success to having an innovative team and an on-demand workflow supported by inkjet printing technology. “We constantly set the bar high with what we can offer and provide our clients, and we plan to continuously enhance those offerings to cement our position as a partner to our customers and an extension of their business plans for years to come,” confirmed Baggetta. “Our Canon inkjet technology seamlessly integrates with our vast range of services and will help us continue to grow in this ever-changing and demanding industry.”

Interested in getting an exclusive inside look at The Mailworks? Check out this short video.