EFI Supports Museum of Printing with Display Graphics

The Museum of Printing has been using this social isolation time to prepare new exhibits. For its Chinese printing display, signage 3 feet-by-8 feet was required. The EFI demonstration and resource center in Londonderry, New Hampshire took on the challenge. From a PDF file, they produced both foam core and rigid plastic versions for the Museum to choose from.

“The quality is amazing,” said Mindy Mitrano, Museum marketing consultant. Signage makes the exhibit come alive and the EFI inkjet quality is superb.”

Museum of PrintingThe exhibit includes two historic tabletop “type cases” with over 10,000 pieces of Chinese language ideographic symbols. Typesetters would spin the tables to find the symbol required for composition.

Printing from engraved wooden blocks was invented in the orient 1,000 years before Gutenberg. The Diamond Sutra of 400 A.D. is considered the world’s first printed scroll.

The Museum of Printing was founded in 1978 to preserve the rich history of the graphic arts. It archives over 1 million typographic artifacts, including the original drawings for every Linotype hot metal and phototypesetting typeface.

Museum information can be found on the Web site as well as on all social media apps. Special tours and museum rental are available.