Fisher Textiles Now Offers No-Bleed Black Liner Fabrics

Fisher Textiles, the leading supplier of fabrics for digital printing, now offers several black liner fabrics with no-bleed yarns that are 100% colorfast and do not bleed or fade when Fisher Textiles black liner fabricswashed.

GF1707 Soft Knit Black is 100% Polyester, stocked 126 inches wide, weighs 5.1 oz/yd2 and is flame retardant. It has a tight structure and high opacity with excellent durability. Recommended for double sided banner liner or exhibit graphics, the no-bleed yarns used to
manufacture this fabric ensure that it can be washed without fading or bleeding.

GF4608 Power Stretch Black is 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, stocked 126 inches wide, weighs 7.3 oz/yd2 and is flame retardant. It has 20% stretch in the width, 40% in the length making it a great liner for geometric/stretch or tension displays. It is a matte,
colorfast fabric made with no-bleed yarns and has no crocking.