Idealliance Awards G7® System Certification to Mellow Colour

Idealliance G7Idealliance has awarded G7 System Certification to Mellow Colour for PrintSpec 4. The Mellow Colour system not only provides the required tools for print service providers to calibrate to G7, but also provides valuable G7-based process control to align with and maintain leading global print standards set forth by Idealliance, the graphic communications global think tank and developer of ISO standards, specifications, and leading certifying body in the industry.

“Mellow Colour is a leader in not only color management with their systems and technology, but also as certified G7 Experts. Their knowledge base and expertise show through the implementation of the G7 tools in PrintSpec. The ever-growing list of G7 Systems around the world, like PrintSpec 4 provides many options for printers everywhere to drive G7-based production to allow print service providers to meet and even raise the bar for even the most demanding print buyers and global brands,” said Jordan Gorski, Vice President of Global Certification Programs.

Mellow Colour PrintSpec, beyond press calibration, also provides users the ability to further align with global print standards through print and proof validation and production according to ISO 12647-7 and the globally used Idealliance Proofing wedges. Printers may use the PrintSpec to generate comprehensive print tolerance reports along with G7 alignment.

G7® is the #1 global print standard for near neutral, currently being drafted into ISO 12647-2. G7 allows printers everywhere to align their production, across all devices, all substrates, and regardless of application to meet the demands of leading print buyers and global brands. G7 Experts and G7 Master Print Facilities lead the entire print, packaging and graphic communications industry with G7 to improve print production and operational effectiveness by reducing waste, cutting make ready time, and increasing speed to market for increased profitability.