New NEPATA UA770 Coreless Rewinder/Trimmer

Supply55, Inc. and NEPATA GmbH are pleased to announce the release of the new NEPATA UA770 30-inch Coreless Rewinder/Trimmer.

“The UA770 Coreless delivers fast accurate rewinds, precision cuts, automatic label printing for lot number traceability while eliminating the cost of cores when rewinding,” stated Chase Pender, Marketing Manager for Supply55, Inc.

Benefits of the NEPATA UA770 Coreless Rewinder/Trimmer
  • Up to 140 5-foot rewinds per hour.
  • Eliminate the cost of cores when rewinding media.
  • Support for coreless or 40mm core rewinds.
  • Rewinding and trimming up to thirty-inch widths.
  • 99.9 percent rewinding accuracy.
  • Precision cuts; variance of less than 1 percent, resulting in less waste, less rejects and fewer customer complaints.
  • Productivity gain of over 40 percent compared to analog methods.
  • Automatic label printing including bar codes for professional inventory control, reduction in shipping errors and elimination of roll length errors.
  • Metric and Imperial system data supported concurrently.

Types of material processed include self adhesive vinyl films, sandblast mask, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock, heat transfer vinyl, banner material, VHB tape, photo paper, engineering paper, wallpaper, reflective films, window tint film, and other non-woven films.

Take control of your converting workflow today with the UA770 Coreless rewinder from Supply55 and NEPATA.

—Press Release