FDC Graphic Films, Inc. Announces Customer Service Changes

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. is pleased to announce that effective September 23, 2019, Karen Snyder will be transitioning from Customer Service Manager to a new role of Sales Support Specialist based out of FDC’s South Bend, Indiana location.
Katie Stopczynski Karen Snyder FDC Graphics
In this role, Karen will be responsible for managing FDC’s pricing, quoting, and rebate program processes. She will also be providing strong support to our customers and the FDC Sales Team She will also be providing strong support to our customers and the FDC Sales Team by elevating the customer experience, especially for onboarding new customers. Karen will continue to ensure that FDC meets the customer’s expectations and FDC’s standards for On Time, Complete and Error-Free information.

Karen has been with FDC for 14 years building the Customer Service team and delivering customer satisfaction. She is succeeded by Katie Stopczynski, FDC’s new Customer Service Manager effective September 23, 2019.

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. is also pleased to announce that effective September 23, 2019, Katie Stopczynski has joined the FDC team as Customer Service Manager based out of South Bend, Indiana.

In this role, Katie will be responsible for leading the Customer Experience team of representatives. She will focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience by providing strong support, ensuring accuracy of information, and meeting customer’s expectations for FDC’s standards of On Time, Complete and Error Free orders.

Katie joins FDC after working for Polywood as a Customer Experience Manager in Syracuse, Indiana. While working at Polywood, Katie actively trained/coached multiple teams of direct reports in providing excellent customer service. Prior to working at Polywood, she served as Senior Customer Service Representative for Indiana Carton Company, Inc, where she worked with the sales team on several accounts to execute market/client strategies.

Katie’s professional strengths include customer service, product management, merchandising, marketing, vendor management and building customer service teams. She is a motivated team player who believes in the value of building strong relationships, exceeding expectations and encouraging open communication & feedback.

Katie received her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana.