Introducing CONVEX Films and Laminates

Gerber Technlogy has added a variety of CONVEX® films and laminates to their GERBER EDGE® materials. As the optimal choice for sports helmets and recreation products (delivering the ultimate blend of durability and conformability for extreme performance), CONVEX, distributed by Gerber Technology, is specifically designed to withstand serious impacts and harsh conditions.

Quality, durable CONVEX materials are flexible enough to conform to complex curves and create long-lasting graphics. Their specialty adhesives bonds with LSE and HSE plastics like no other.

The CONVEX® films and laminates include:

CONVEX GearWrap.

CONVEX® GearWrap™ is perfect for contact sports decals. It stays in place and removes clean for up to one year. It’s available in either white or clear and in either a 4-mil or 8-mil thickness.

CONVEX High-Bond.

CONVEX® High-Bond is for complex curves on low-energy surfaces like plastic and powder-coated paint, making it the “go to” choice for Motor-sport graphics.  It’s available in 6-mil white and clear.

CONVEX Chrome.

CONVEX® Chrome offers a brilliant mirror-like finish for both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike other brands, it won’t oxidize and remains durable for five to seven years.

CONVEX Laminate.

CONVEX® Laminate provides extra durability to graphics conforming to complex plastic shapes like helmets and lacrosse gear.

CONVEX Pro-Shield.

CONVEX® Pro-Shield acts as a steadfast protector, providing 12 mils of durable vinyl as a shield against contact, making it ideal for applications like Motor-sport decals.

CONVEX materials are designed for the GERBER EDGE thermal printing system as well as inkjet.

These materials won’t fall off, ooze adhesive, or collect dirt around the edges, and they resist wrinkling on complex curves when laminated with CONVEX or Pro-Shield™ Laminate.

CONVEX is designed for smooth cutting with any sprocket, roll-fed, or flatbed plotter.

—Press Release