NBA All-Star Game: Contra Vision Slam Dunks in L.A.

NBAAs anyone who follows the fortunes of the NBA will know, Team LeBron narrowly beat Team Stephen by 148 to 145 in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game held this past February at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

The real winners though were the charities the teams support. The winning team will receive a $350,000 donation to a select community-based organization and the opposing team will receive $150,000 for a similar charity. The team roster was selected by the vote of fans, the media and other NBA players. It’s one game where all are agreed – the taking part is the real prize.

A big game benefitting a good cause is deserving of a head-turning promotion.

Las Vegas-based Elite Media, Inc., delivered the results with well created and placed Nike advertisements. With vast experience in tight deadlines and big projects, Elite Media, Inc., retained the services of Phoenix, Arizona-based printer BPGraphics.

The project promoting the game involved landmark scale graphics applied to the all glass facade of the JW Marriott building, a four-star hotel and an iconic part of the LA skyline adjacent to the Staples Center and the 110 Freeway. The project used a little over 80,000 square feet of Contra Vision® perforated window film.

The building wrap graphics feature Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and the instantly recognizable JUMPMAN logo. During the event, the graphics were featured several times in aerial TV footage and were also seen by countless thousands from the highway and the LA Live Plaza.

NBAThe project had to deliver a lasting impression and yet only remain visible for two weeks including installation and removal. The installation took place the weekend before the game and removal the following day.

The key to this project’s success, were the hyper accurate design templates BPGraphics created in partnership with their install team. Because the project did not permit covering the window mullions, these measurements resulted in seamless graphics for Nike that followed the specs of the building exactly.

By starting the project with the correct mechanical specifications, timely delays associated with reprints and installation issues were avoided. As an added bonus, installation time was decreased by pre-cutting all the graphics on a computer-controlled plotter and tagging the printed material with grid locations. This latter step included a matching grid map of where every panel was to be installed to ensure the final image was re-built to sequence.

Contra Vision® 30% perforated window film was chosen for its availability for this massive project and image quality; delivering both a clear view through for people inside the hotel and image detail for those on the ground. The material was printed on BPGraphics family of HP Latex 3600 series printers. Excellent print quality, ease of installation, and quick and clean removal are all performance trademarks of the entire line of Contra Vision® perforated window films.

NBAOnce printed, the BPGraphics team kit packed all the graphics according to the installation location on pallets and included all the grid maps for easy unboxing and installation.

Contra Vision perforated window film features a novel adhesive that is compliant during application and is designed to support the clean removal of the film when needed. Contra Vision’s material performed faultlessly when the time came. All that remained was a lasting impression and not a trace of adhesive.

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