Pioneering software firm PrintFactory will be at this year’s SGIA Expo to show how adopting smarter color management tools and an end-to-end, centralized workflow solution can help wide format businesses prepare for a more profitable and productive future.

With a survey running in the lead up the event, PrintFactory aims to uncover the hidden inefficiencies that may be preventing print shops from delivering the consistency of output they need to achieve against ambitious commercial goals. CEO Erik Strik will present the initial research findings during an SGIA-hosted webinar to follow the show; while the focus throughout the three-day event will be drawing on the results to demystify the areas of color management that—the statistics show—prove the most costly and problematic for wide format printers.

“By first addressing these common workflow bottlenecks, print shops can more confidently capitalize on the efficiency benefits that true and total automation can bring,” says Strik. “All print shops understand the value of color management for ensuring consistency, quality and print buyer satisfaction, but few fully realize its potential for securing greater productivity and profitability gains.

“Without a solid foundation of consistent color across devices, any efficiencies created by an automated workflow are lost through time spent tweaking and troubleshooting color issues on jobs.”

The PrintFactory team will showcase how its advanced color engine, automated workflow, and innovative toolset can support forward-thinking wide format printers with their present day needs, as well as enabling the eventual move to lights-out production.

Crucial to this transition is access to advanced color management capabilities, as well as other features that reliably result in an efficient, consistent and high quality output. These include a centralized RIP providing complete control over the workflow from a single terminal; intelligent scheduling to minimize bottlenecks; and a cloud-based dashboard with reporting capabilities that grant operators real-time reporting on all production jobs: anytime and anywhere.

PrintFactory is inviting the industry to take part in the survey in the lead up to SGIA Expo. Respondents will be entered into a draw to win a $75 Amazon gift card.

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