Mimaki Invites SGIA Attendees to Create a Custom Tote or iPhone Case

Mimaki, in cooperation with partners including Printform, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Axiom America, is offering the opportunity for SGIA Expo attendees to create their own custom tote bag or iPhone5 case, printed by Mimaki and ready for pick-up at SGIA Expo (October 22-24, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Both should be ordered by October 17 so they can be ready at the show.

For the tote bag, go to https://totes.printform.co.

Custom bags can be picked up by preregistered customers at the Garment Zone.

For the iPhone5 case, go to https://mimaki.printform.co.

iPhone5 cases will be produced at the show and can be picked up after a live demo in the Mimaki booth #3158.

The coupon code for both is: Mimaki2014.

Both Web sites are very easy to use. Visitors simply create a login account, upload photos, and create their custom item. A “Tour” button on the top right of the screen walks users through the process.

Feel free to create your own custom bag or iPhone5 case.