Daktronics Digital Banners Highlight Messaging at Emaar’s Marina Mall

Marina Mall

Daktronics has partnered with Emaar Malls to design, manufacture, and install twenty-four double-sided indoor LED banner displays and two link bridge displays at Dubai’s Marina Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Installation and activation of the displays was completed in early 2021 as they are now operational and sharing messages with guests.

Lining the open atrium area of the mall between floors, these twenty-four double-sided displays are installed to share branding and tenant advertising and information. Each display measures 2 meters high-by-1 meter wide and features 2.5-millimeter pixel spacing.

The two link bridge displays are located in the Dome Atrium. Each measures 1.5 meters high by 12.5 meters wide and each features 3.9-millimeter pixel spacing to bring additional messaging and branding opportunities to the mall.

“Emaar Malls is always keen to keeping current with the latest technology trends; they are continuously upgrading their systems with top-of-the-line display quality and performance to exceed the market expectations,” said Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics regional manager. “The Marina Mall digital installation allows for high flexibility for adjusting messages quickly.”

The tight pixel pacing of all fifty displays ensures crisp, clear imagery at a higher resolution for audiences and shoppers as they pass by. Content and messaging can be coordinated on all displays at the same time or adjusted by area of the mall or direction patrons are facing as they move about the space.

—Press Release