New LG LED Signage Displays Span Wide Range of Applications

LED Signage
Contemporary empty school matematics classroom in Primorska region in Slovenia, Europe. Nikon D850.

LG Business Solutions USA doubled down on its commitment to LED display technology with more than three dozen indoor and outdoor LED Signage models that are ideal for a diverse range of commercial applications including stores, restaurants, conference rooms, hotels, theaters, museums, and more. The groundbreaking announcement was made during the InfoComm 2020 Connected virtual trade show taking place online June 16-18.

The forty-six models, which span LG’s ten different LED Signage categories, will all be available in 2020, with nineteen models shipping now. Featuring pixel pitches of 0.9mm to 16mm, these LG LED Signage models deliver high brightness capabilities, excellent off-axis viewing quality, lower power and physical infrastructure requirements, and 100,000 hour lifespans. These characteristics make LG’s LED Signage displays the optimal solutions for rooms with a lot of natural light, rooms where off-axis viewing is critical, projects that require 24/7 visibility and reliability and for clients that want to reduce energy usage.

LED Signage
Meeting, conference presentation in auditorium with blank screen.
Cable-less Fine Pitch Indoor LED Signage

The new LSAA Series offer cable-less connections between LED cabinets where cables are replaced by snap-in connections along the module’s frame, and the robust 4-in-1 LED package technology is more durable than standard individual surface-mount LED technology. The LSAA series also features webOS Signage 4.1, and is available in 0.9mm, 1.2mm or 1.5mm pixel pitches, perfect for up-close environments such as meeting rooms.

Cable-less Indoor MicroLED Signage

Also cable-less between cabinets, the new LSAB Series MicroLED Signage displays utilize a 50,000:1 contrast ratio to increase the display’s native black surface area from 59 to 93 percent, delivering deep blacks. The 0.9mm and 1.2mm pixel-pitch will be available with the webOS Signage 4.1 platform. This MicroLED display is ideal for close-up 4K or 8K viewing such as control rooms, broadcasting studios, home cinema, and flagship stores.

LED Signage
Photos for LG Electronics at the Columbus convention center Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. (Jay LaPrete/AP Images for LG Electronics USA Business Solutions)
Flexible, Curvable Fine Pitch Premium Indoor LED Signage

Available now, LG’s LAPE Series is a flexible, curvable LED Signage solution available in 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm pixel pitches for a variety of viewing distances and installation environments. The LAPE displays offer webOS Signage 4.0 and are composed of flexible modules that curve to form either convex or concave displays, including 360-degree displays and designs that bend around corners.

All-in-One Indoor LED Screens

Combining the vibrant picture quality of LED with the hassle-free connectivity of all-in-one displays, these LG models are specifically designed to be mobile and require no external equipment. The existing 130-inch model of the LAAF series features a 1.5mm pixel pitch and 500 nits of brightness, and it includes innovative Immersive Surface Sound that uses 36 4.5 Watt Exciter speakers with the actual display modules (no external speakers needed). The new LAEB series’ 136-inch model has a 1.56mm pixel pitch and 800 nits of brightness. Both models have Full HD resolution and include built-in HDMI, DisplayPort and USB inputs. An optional rolling stand is available from LG.

LED Signage
“LED Signage is transforming how commercial venues think about their digital messaging and design today.”
UltraSlim Indoor LED Signage

LG’s new UltraSlim LSCB Series are ideal for tight or high-traffic spaces, featuring an innovative design and mounting system that requires just 37.5mm (1.5 inches) of clearance off the wall. Available in 1.5mm, 1.8mm and 2.5mm pixel pitches, these UltraSlim displays satisfy a wide variety of needs, especially when ADA requirements are a design concern. With a front-accessible design and a simple magnetic tool, integrators can easily attach or detach individual LED cabinets from the front.

LED Cinema Display

Certified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), the new LADF SERIES LED Cinema Display offers Dolby Cinema® Server compatibility, 4K cinema resolution and equal brightness across the entire screen, superior to most projectors. Using a 3.3mm pixel pitch this model is designed exclusively for cinema environments whether in movie theaters or large, low-light corporate or educational presentation environments.

Fine and Standard Pitch Indoor LED Signage

Ideal for indoor needs of any size, the LAS Fine Pitch Series features 10 models with pixel pitches ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm. The models offer webOS Signage 4.0 and feature excellent picture quality, 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as light-weight cabinet design and front serviceability for easy installation and maintenance. The new LAS Standard Series are workhorse LED cabinets designed for fixed installation, rental, staging, large venues, and event applications. They feature magnetically attachable unit cases with quick-lock systems to facilitate easy installation and a front-serviceable design.

Standard Pitch Value Indoor LED Signage

Offering four models and two pitch sizes, LG’s new LSCA Versatile Series allows users to combine 1:1 (500mm square) and 2:1 (500mm x 1000mm rectangle) cabinets to create custom screen sizes to meet virtually any demand. Each size is available in either 2.97mm or 3.91mm pixel pitches, for a total of four distinct SKUs. Users can choose front or rear service and installation options, and every cabinet features a simple Lock Fixing function that requires no tools to replace LED modules or power units.

Standard Pitch Outdoor LED Signage

The new GSCA Versatile Series, like its indoor counterpart LSCA, also allows users to combine 1:1 (500 mm square) and 2:1 (500mm x 1000mm rectangle) cabinets to create custom applications. Fast installation of this 5,000-nit signage occurs through the use of this model’s Fast Lock and One-handed Control features that do not require tools to assemble. The two GSCA models come in 3.9mm and 4.6mm pixel pitches. Designed for fast assembly, easy maintenance and front-or-rear serviceability, the new GSCC Essential Series comes in three pitch sizes: 6.66mm, 8mm and 16mm. The 16mm GSCC model has striking 8,000-nit brightness. Rounding out these new outdoor models is the lightweight, 10mm-pitch GSCD Ultra Light Series. All three series have an optional 90-degree corner design option that minimizes discontinuity of content displayed around building corners.

LED Signage
Basketball court, school gym indoor.
Standard Pitch Outdoor Stadium Signage

Both the LBS Stadium Series and the LBS-V Slim Series have proven to be ideal for stadium applications. Both have outstanding visibility with 6,000 nits of brightness, and both can operate outdoors with temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The five models in the LBS Stadium Series come in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm pitch sizes, while the LBS Slim Series comes in three pitch sizes: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Whether the application is a jumbo screen at one end of a 75,000-seat stadium or a narrow band of signage around the outside mezzanine level, the LBS Series is an excellent choice for reliable, easy-to-service signage with smooth playback.

According to Smith, LED Signage has many advantages over traditional display solutions, including excellent off-axis viewing, capability to achieve very high brightness, reduced power consumption, quiet operation, extended product lifespan, and the ability to break out of the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio with custom displays built in virtually any size or shape.

“The future for LED Signage is now, and LG is leading the way,” Smith added. “As the pace of technological innovation increasingly approaches the pace of client needs, all signs point to a future where LED Signage displays, including mini- and micro-LED solutions, dominate the global digital display marketplace.”

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