SBI Launches Dynamic Digital Newsletter

sbi dynamic digital newsletterThe digital signage industry is booming.

Digital signage technologies like LCD, LED, and projection-to-display images, video, and streaming media are in demand in a number of markets, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and more, creating opportunities not only for manufacturers and suppliers, but also for sign shop owners. And the demand is only expected to grow.

Digital signage informs, educates, and entertains. It increases customer engagement, improves information recall and retention, and enables businesses to manage their messaging in real-time.

Digital signage is changing the sign industry. Are you ready?  

SBI Dynamic Digital, a new newsletter from Sign Builder Illustrated sent twice a month, will help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape, understand what skills and expertise you may need to develop, and most importantly, recognize the assets and skills you already possess that will help you best serve your clients.

SBI Dynamic Digital is your “how-to” guide to digital signage, including:

  • Case studies of sign shops successfully selling and installing digital signs.
  • Insights from digital signage experts on what you can do to capitalize on this fast-growing market segment.
  • Advice on how to fully leverage your existing assets and expertise to retain and attract clients seeking digital signage solutions.
  • Introductions to new products and services that will provide the right digital signage solution for each client.

The time to embrace digital signage is now. Your business depends on it. Sign up for SBI Dynamic Digital to stay on top of changing digital signage demands and capitalize on new opportunities.

The newsletter launches June 8!