School Upgrades Entire Campus Communications Network with Multi-Purposed Digital Signage

NoviSign Brookwood School digital displaysFor decades, Brookwood School used traditional paper announcements taped to columns, lockers, and various bulletin boards. Daily, new signs were needed to be designed, updated, printed, and reposted across the buildings. This process was time-extensive, expensive in printing costs, and required daily attention.

As a result, Brookwood School began searching for a cloud-based digital signage solution that could be easily updated and reliable while allowing for complete layout customization.

After searching and signing up for multiple school digital signage trials and web-demos, Brookwood discovered NoviSign. Using Brookwood’s existing Chromeboxes, Brookwood was able to install NoviSign onto their devices and begin sending content to the displays across
their campus to create rich and dynamic digital displays across fourteen screens throughout the school, cafeteria displays, concession stand menu boards, student-facing notification displays, and a state-of-the-art touch screen Athletic Hall of Fame display.

From any computer, Brookwood was able to create and control the content being displayed on each TV:

  • Daily school news and updates
  • Cafeteria lunch menus
  • Student and parent announcements
  • Athletes of the week with team photos
  • Google Slides with scrolling tickers and weather
  • Weekly school notifications
  • Custom welcome messages

Each display features specific messages to target specific audiences and grade levels. For example, Brookwood set-up specific announcements for Seniors, who have a digital signage display directly above their lockers hallway.

For the concession stand and cafeteria menus, Brookwood can now make daily and weekly changes on the fly while creating a custom look that fits their school colors.

The Hall of Fame (HOF) touch screen display was a big hit. When Brookwood had their grand opening of the HOF in 2019, a massive crowd gathered around the display searching for their induction by year. Many users took pictures and videos of their HOF induction
and state championship pages. This was a huge success and a great way to expand the HOF without needing square footage.

“NoviSign’s cloud-based platform lets us connect the existing Chrome devices that we had to our displays across our campus,” said Joshua Hanke, director of Instructional Technology at Brookwood. “Their digital signage software allows our staff to set up digital bulletin boards, lunch menus, student announcements, and send other necessary information to the screens across our campus.”