University of West Georgia to Host Watchfire Center-hung Display

University of West Georgia

Watchfire Signs, a leading manufacturer of LED virtual scoreboards and video boards, was selected by University of West Georgia to manufacture a new four-sided, center-hung display and a wall display for The Coliseum, one of the largest on-campus indoor arenas and event spaces in Georgia.

The new four-sided 4mm center-hung display measures 9 feet 5 inches high-by-17 feet long, and replaces a 12mm fixed digit scoreboard with a video display component. The 6mm wall display, located in the end zone area, measures 15 feet 1 inch high-by-28 feet 4 inches long.

The Coliseum, located on the Carrollton, Georgia campus, is home to the University of West Georgia’s indoor sports teams, including men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball, as well as cheerleading. The 6,500-seat facility also hosts events, including university and high school commencements, concerts, and high school athletic playoffs and championships.

“The new displays are real showpieces and are higher resolution than many professional sport facilities,” said Trent Ross, director of The Coliseum.

The university originally intended to simply add an end zone digital display to the facility in order to enhance the audience experience at concerts and other events. “It was distracting for the audience to look to the jumbotron in the middle of the room instead of the stage,” said Ross. “However, once we saw the new technology it was obvious that the center-hung display was aging and should be replaced at the same time.”

The university selected SignWorks Pro of Carrollton, Ga., to design, fabricate and install the signs. SignWorks specified Watchfire Signs for the digital displays.

“We’ve been a Watchfire authorized dealer for more than fifteen years, and appreciate Watchfire’s quality and outstanding service,” said Adam Billingsly, chief operations officer of SignWorks. “Watchfire’s products are reliable, and their support and service are very responsive.”

The Coliseum’s new displays delivers an enhanced game-day experience, with the ability to show live crowd shots and court side reporting, as well as player photos and stats, eye-catching graphics and sponsorships. The screens can be programmed into multiple content zones capable of displaying scores, live video and sponsorship information all at the same time.

The university was able to retrofit the original jumbotron frame with the new displays. “The overall size of the center hung display didn’t change, but we doubled the size of the digital message center on each side simply by eliminating the fixed digit portion,” said Ross. “It’s quite impressive.”

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