Watchfire Signs Introduces New Software Tool for Video Scoreboards

Watchfire Signs has released version 1.9 of its powerful Ignite Sports scoreboard software, giving schools, sports complexes and professional teams more ways to customize and display timing and scoring for virtually any sport on a Watchfire video scoreboard.

Ignite Sports is a scoring, entertainment and editing software that adds excitement to sporting events with live video, animations and advertising. Watchfire has added 17 new scoreboard templates, giving teams more options for the information they want to display, and how they want it to look. All the templates automatically fit into any size region on a virtual scoreboard, eliminating the need to have designs resized. This offers teams new levels of flexibility and personalization within any layout.

Watchfire Signs Ignite Sports

New templates are available for football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and multi-sport, giving teams choices in how much information they want to display. For example, a basketball scoreboard can include the score and time, as well as roster panels to track fouls and player points.

Ignite Sports 1.9 also allows schools to customize scoreboards with their own team color schemes. Schools can add custom colors, and Watchfire’s color calibration will ensure they are an exact match. Schools and municipal facilities that host multiple teams and tournaments can custom colors for every team to match school brands.

“These new enhancements give schools at any level of play—youth, high school, college and pro teams—the ultimate control over how their scoreboard looks and the kind of information they want to display,” said Kyle Dines, vice president of sports and indoor at Watchfire Signs. “It’s so easy to use that teams can build a completely unique scoreboard from scratch, and can host various sporting events each with their own look.”

Ignite Sports 1.9 integrates with many existing fixed digit scoreboard systems, which may reduce training time and cost.

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