eos Light, a Los Angeles-based leader in quick-install, space-saving, performance-oriented and aesthetic LED lighting solutions, is pleased to announce its latest product series called LightPaper. eos LightPaper LED sheets are thin, lightweight, flexible, and field-cuttable. Their versatility makes them perfect for illumination of indoor signage, posters, channel letters, and virtually any situation that may require very low setback between the illuminated surface and the light source.

The specific applicability of a product like eos LightPaper for signage applications, however, rests with its field cuttability, its very low setback capability, and its feather weight. LightPaper is field-cuttable with household scissors either on an individual LED basis or into strips, making it perfect for channel letters or narrow signs that are otherwise more difficult to illuminate. Minimum setback between the LightPaper and the material it’s lighting up can be as low as 1.5 to 2 inches, depending on the variety of sheet used and the material being lit.

Plus, LightPaper’s light weight makes it quick and easy to install with few people involved. This is especially useful when installing lighting in hard-to-reach elevated locations. LightPaper is backed with 3M industrial adhesive that can simply be peeled and stuck, or it can be easily nailed or stapled in place.

eos LightPaper is currently available in an ample series of damp-location-rated, 24V, high CRI varieties with high Lumens per square foot. Dedicated white LightPaper is available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. Tunable white is offered across that same Kelvin range. RGB plus dedicated white can also be ordered, and eos is exceedingly proud of its “All in 1” LightPaper—an industry first—which is RGB plus tunable white from 2700K – 6000K. All color options are fully dimmable (0-10V, TRIAC or DMX/DALI).

For further details about the features and benefits of eos LightPaper material, please visit www.eoslight.com.