Keystone Sign Hero Tube Wins Sapphire Award

Keystone Sign Here Sapphire AwardKeystone Technologies, a leading manufacturer of quality driven lighting solutions for over 70 years, has won the top prize for SSL Lamp Design at the 2019 Sapphire Awards Gala for their line of innovative Sign Hero 360° LED sign tubes. The event was held during the Strategies in Light Conference in Las Vegas on February 28th.

Sign Hero tubes were designed to dramatically reduce energy costs, while also meeting the unique needs of the sign market. Perfect for both retrofits and new installations, Sign Hero can be installed in five minutes or less. Keystone’s DirectDrive technology eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast while still using the existing sockets, saving considerable time for field technicians.
“Everything we do is driven by our philosophy of Light Made Easy,” explained Josh Brown, VP of Distributor Sales. “We wanted an easy to install LED sign tube that would save both time and labor costs. Sign Hero has met that need better than any other sign tube in the market.”

Keystone’s Sign Hero features optical lenses that cover each individual LED chip in the tube, eliminating hot spots and ensuring consistent light distribution. The rotatable R17D end caps swivel so that the tube can be adjusted to provide a light beam in any direction.

Sign Hero 180° is an even more cost-effective option for single-sided signs. “We’re always trying to fill the gap in our customers’ needs,” said Ira Greenberg, CEO of Keystone Technologies. “After seeing how well the 360° sign tube was received, we created a 180° option for customers with single-sided signs.”

Sign Hero 180° includes all of the same features and benefits of the 360°, but with half the energy consumption, in a light weight, single-sided, LED sign tube.