LED Lighting technology leader, LiteSheet Solutions demonstrates its “AC Advantage” at LIGHTFAIR® International Booth 5045. The company will showcase its patented “driverless” LED technology, its suite of DLC certified LED fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications, and its patented dimming controls products.

“LiteSheet’s first-to-market BriteCor™ AC direct LED lighting system combines our Adaptive Control Module (ACM) and our mesh LED redundancy design,” said Todd Hodrinsky, Founder and Chief Technology Innovations Officer, “This allows us to operate our fixtures directly from the AC line, eliminate the problematic driver, and under-power the LED diodes at only 20 to 40 percent of their rated capacity—which, in turn, produces dramatic improvements in life, operating efficiency, and overall total cost of ownership for the end user.”

Conventional LED fixtures on the market use drivers, which are necessary for the AC-to-DC conversion to power the light engine, and are made up of a high number of components and electrolytic capacitors.

As validated by the Department of Energy (DOE), drivers are the number one failure mode in LED lighting fixtures—created by such factors as heat and voltage fluctuation, causing performance and reliability issues like shorter life and efficiency loss. By eliminating the driver and using LED redundancy design, LiteSheet’s AC direct technology delivers the following game changing advantages:

  • Fifteen-year warranty underwritten by Lloyd’s of London (triple the industry standard)
  • Extraordinary life with 450,000 hours MTBF
  • High efficiency with up to 150 lumens/watt
  • The only AC direct fixtures that are DLC certified
  • Forty percent less total cost of ownership
  • RF silent and dimmable
  • Manufactured in USA

Key products in the company’s offering of over 360 fixtures will be on display at LIGHTFAIR Booth 5045. The lighting products are available in CCT options: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6500K with a standard CRI of 80.

Also featured at the booth will be LiteSheet’s SmartCor Dimming control products: Wall Switch and 0- 10v Remote Mount. The SmartCor dimming control allows simple dimming that is secure from outside hacking, decreased installation with no additional wiring and control flexibility.

“In addition to our revolutionary LED lighting technology that the LiteSheet team has developed, and in support of launching it to the market, we have attracted and hired some of the top talent from the lighting industry,” said Roger Whyte, President and CEO. “Just in the past year, five career long lighting sales and marketing executives have joined our organization. In conjunction with this, we have also partnered with the top lighting sales agents across the United States. We look forward to showcasing our ‘AC Advantage’ technology and the entire LiteSheet team at LIGHTFAIR® International.”

For more information about LiteSheet Solutions, visit www.litesheet.com.