YESCO Receives Proclamation for 101 Years of Light


YESCO, the 101-year-old company known for creating, repairing, and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, received a proclamation from the City of Sparks, Nevada in honor of its rich history and contributions to the Sparks landscape at the March 8, 2021 city council meeting. Mayor Ed Lawson proclaimed March 21, 2021 as YESCO 101 Years Of Light Day.

Lawson read the proclamation at the virtual meeting, where he stated he joins the community in celebrating an outstanding business with roots in Sparks that has illuminated the identity of so many companies and organizations for the past 101 years.

YESCO founder Thomas Young, Sr.’s father, George Young, lived in Sparks and worked for the Southern Pacific Roundhouse. His $300 loan to his son enabled Thomas Young, Sr. to start YESCO in 1920. The first YESCO office in Sparks opened in 1964 on Glendale Road. YESCO’s landmark Sparks signs includes John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Alamo Casino, Rail City Casino, Baldini’s Casino, The Sparks Galleria, Sparks Marina and Sparks Crossing.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Mayor Lawson and the City of Sparks today with this fine proclamation,” said Thomas Young, Jr. “We’ve been doing business in the Reno/Sparks area for fifty-seven years, and we are so grateful to the community for their hospitality and friendship.”

YESCO specializes in the manufacture of custom electric signs, sign maintenance and out-of-home advertising. In addition, YESCO operates sign and lighting service repair stores throughout North America as well as a sign financing business.