150-watt Explosion-proof LED Light with Magnetic Mounting Capabilities

The EPL-MB-150LED-250 magnetic mount explosion-proof LED light from Larson Electronics provides operators with a powerful hazardous location suitable lighting solution that can be mounted to almost any metallic surface, or utilized as a standalone pedestal light.

The 150-watt LED light head assembly produces 12,500 lumens of light and gives an operator a sufficient amount of light to illuminate a work area that is 9,500 square feet. This light head produces a brilliant flood pattern of light that is ideal for illuminating enclosed areas and hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present.

The lamp can be easily adjusted up or down 90° and locked into position by loosening the two hand screws located on either side of the light head and tightening them once the desired angle is found.

This portable LED light head is mounted to a spun aluminum base with up and down adjustability. This two piece mounting system provides excellent versatility and allows the operators to run this light as a standard pedestal light, or as a temporary mounted light for illuminating larger areas.

An aluminum mounting bracket equipped with four 200-pound grip magnetic feet allows operators to mount the bracket to almost any ferrous metallic surface and then hang the light fixture. Included with this explosion-proof LED light is 250 feet of SOOW cord ending in a 1523 explosion-proof straight blade plug, providing ample length for connecting to outlets outside the work area.

“The EPL-MB-150LED-250 is our new freestanding or magnetic mount explosion proof LED light that makes an operator’s job easier,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larsonelectronics.com. “This light setup gives operators needing temporary explosion proof lighting more options for positioning the light source.”