Agfa Graphics Launches New GreenWorks Program

Agfa Graphics announces that it is re-launching the Agfa Graphics GreenWorks™ Accreditation Program as part of its ongoing commitment to help reduce the graphic communication industry’s environmental impact.

GreenWorks, an Agfa Graphics initiative, accredits customers in the graphic communications industry in North America, who achieve greener outcomes through technology, products, services and practices.

Customers can now apply online for GreenWorks accreditation. To be certified, Agfa plate customers must meet criteria demonstrating their environmental commitment, including:

+ Use of Agfa chemistry-free, low-chemistry or no bake digital offset plates

+ Using products which maximize renewable resources, minimize environmental impact from toxic chemicals, or reduce waste, lower ink, water, or energy consumption.

+ Actively participate in community recycling, conservation, waste reduction, or alternative energy programs.

+ Promote and communicate the benefits of practicing environmental safety.

“As part of our corporate strategy, we are working to support customers who, through their actions, have demonstrated environmental responsibility,” said Deborah Hutcheson, director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics, North America. “Our solutions are designed to systematically improve the cost, quality and environmental performance of our products and operations.”

All GreenWorks accredited customers are featured on GD USA and Agfa Graphics Web sites, promoted to buyers/designers interested in environmental responsibility and may be featured in Agfa Graphics public relations and promotions.

Every GreenWorks customer receives a marketing toolkit and professional assistance to help market their environmental leadership, spreading the word about the importance of environmentally safer practices. The toolkit includes the new GreenWorks logo, which accredited customers can display on their products and promotions.

To learn more about GreenWorks or how to qualify, visit