Agfa Launches New Synaps UV Substrate

Agfa-Synaps-useAgfa announced the North American introduction of Synaps UV, an environmentally-friendly, premium waterproof substrate designed for indoor and outdoor sign and display applications using UV-curable inks in offset, screen, flexo, gravure, and inkjet printing. 

Synaps UV offers a high-gloss finish, bright color reproduction, and high tear and chemical resistance. This synthetic media is suitable for high-resolution printing, provides stability, and presents graphics in their truest form. As such, Synaps UV is ideal for POS displays like banners, flags, posters and event announcements; POP materials such as window graphics, displays, and wobblers; and signage such as posters, billboards, and more.

There is virtually no discoloration or deterioration under normal conditions or under extended exposure to environmental UV light. Synaps UV can also be easily cut using various methods including guillotine- or die-cutting and lasers.

Synaps UV media is recyclable. Printed and non-printed Synaps UV paper is 100% re-usable in the production process of new Synaps UV material. It is non-toxic and no ecologically harmful components are used to produce it. “Agfa has a long tradition of environmental awareness and sustainability practices,” said Larry Salomon, vice president of wide format display graphics. “Synaps UV is a premium recyclable substrate that is uniform throughout, is rigid in roll form so it doesn’t have play, plus it offers a high-gloss, smooth finish with a high degree of printability.”