Appleton Upgrades & Expands ETP Raintight Fittings Line

Raintight fittings are required by code to safely ground and attach EMT raceways to electrical junction boxes or enclosures in outdoor, damp and wet locations. However, this style of fitting often wastes electricians’ time because they must be disassembled and re-assembled on-site.

To help electricians make better, more efficient raintight connections, Appleton has redesigned its popular ETP™ line of cULus Listed raintight EMT couplers and connectors by drastically reducing the number of individual components that make up the fittings, resulting in faster, easier and more consistent installations. The new fittings come pre-assembled making them ready to install on the conduit like any other steel EMT compression fitting and require no disassembly, special tools, or torque.

“The raintight connector category has become a little sleepy over the past few years with many manufacturers satisfied to offer electricians the same ‘me-too’ products,” said Rick Jones, product marketing manager for Appleton. “This is why we are launching our completely redesigned and expanded line of EMT connectors…they strike a perfect balance between ease-of-installation and higher quality.”

In addition to the new design, Appleton has also expanded the trade sizes available to electricians. While the older line was only offered in 1/2-inch to 2-inch sizes, the new connectors come in models from 1/2-inch to 4 inches to cover the entire installation base. All trade sizes are cULus listed as raintight and recognized as concrete tight without the need to add electrical tape.

Engineered specifically for wet locations, the new raintight fittings have an internal sealing and compression ring, along with a KO sealing ring, to prevent water from entering into conduit, electrical boxes or enclosures. The compression ring grips and maintains conductivity required for grounding. Rugged steel construction features a zinc electroplate for longer lasting performance, indoors or outdoors.

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