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It’s more than simply the shirt color of our favorite sign maker!

Forgive us if we sound a bit cynical, but we take our environmental performance seriously. Look behind the logos, the slogans and the clever plastic bottle counters and what do you find? With Precision Board Plus its hard data. Make a meaningful environmental statement and craft your signs with Precision Board Plus HDU.

    · Certified with 18.9% Rapidly Renewable Resource content

    · Certified Carbon Balance of 3:1

    · Precision Board Plus now assists in meeting LEED requirements for
                                      obtaining USGBC and ICC 700-2008 building credits

Request a Free Sample of Precision Board Plus or visit our new website for more information at precisionboard.com.

ShopBot: Engraving Precision

Don’t let the small size fool you. The ShopBot Desktop offers:

    · Engraving-level precision

    · Power and rigidity to handle wood, foam, plastic,  

          aluminum – just about anything

· Signmaking add-ons such as plotter pen, drag knife and 

   etching accessories 

· ShopBot-compatible software

· Knowledgeable and friendly customer service

For more information, visit www.shopbottools.com

Codamount Laminators: Flexible Configuration and Custom Design

Coda introduces its new line of high-quality Codamount Laminators. Available either hot or cold-and in widths from 26 to 64-inch-the Codamount Laminator can be configured to meet the needs of any imaging professional. All machines have a maximum 2-inch roller gap, and roller diameters are either 4-1/2-inch or 3-1/4-inch (depending on the width of machine). Machines can be ordered with or without: a sturdy floor stand, top feed and take-up, bottom feed and take-up, heated top roller, and heated bottom roller. Coda is currently building custom laminators for specific industrial uses. Coda’s design and engineering team will design and build for a particular application. For more, dial 201/825-7400 or visit www.codamount.com.

MultiCam’s Digital Express

MultiCam is pleased to announce the new Digital Express high-speed digital registration, routing, and knife cutting system. The Digital Express is available in a range of table sizes from 60 inches-by-60 inches to 80 inches-by-240 inches with a high-flow vacuum or conveyor table and the MultiVision digital registration system standard. All axes are driven by brushless digital AC servo motors with maximum rapid traverse speeds of 5,000 IPM. Companies looking for a versatile, high-speed cutting platform will appreciate the affordable price point of the Digital Express. Learn more.                  

Get What You Need at a Great Price

When it comes to promotional graphics, customers often demand fast turnarounds at lower costs. Yet, the last thing they’re willing to compromise is image quality. You can satisfy customer needs and speed up installation using 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive IJ35C. Film IJ35C offers great hiding power and air release channels for fast, easy, virtually bubble-free graphic applications. Its outstanding print quality, permanent adhesive, and easy installation makes film IJ35C perfect for short-term sign, architectural, display, exhibit, and POP applications. Learn more.

See the latest 3M products at ISA Booth 714.

Arris Signs

Looking for an innovative yet cost-effective modular sign system to add to your offering? Welcome to Arris! A slim design aluminum frame system, Arris offers solutions for all types of interior signs, from individual name signs to directories. Arris provides the modular frames. Graphics are limited only by your imagination. Sign Trade Only Product! Call toll free 888-744-6731 now for free sample! Email [email protected] or visit www.arrissigns.com for more information.

Outwater Plastics’ LED Crystal Light Box for Cable Shelving Hardware Systems

Outwater Plastic’s highly efficient LED Crystal Light Box for Cable Shelving Hardware Systems is an economical and easy way to backlight your graphics, posters, and promotional messages without a visible power supply. An ultra-slim design enables Outwater’s LED Crystal Light Box to be installed anywhere without taking up an appreciable amount of floor space. Designed not only to provide even light dispersion, but to also offer the clarity of an LCD Light Box at a fraction of the cost, Outwater’s LED Crystal Light Box will uniformly backlight your message without any shadows or scalloping, ensuring that your promotional piece will always look its best. Learn more at www.outwater.com.  

AP-LAZER Etching Systems. Versatile. Powerful. Etches on Multiple Surfaces!

Hyatt’s-All Things Creative offers a laser system that is easy to assemble and extremely cost effective. AP-LAZER is a large format laser machine that allows for engraving on unlimited sizes of any material. Used in many industries for wood engraving, glass engraving, metal engraving, photo engraving, personalized gift and award engraving, brick engraving, markings for industrial products, and most recently, engraving floors and large pieces of wood or glass. Standard with the machine is an 80W CO2 high power laser tube -ideal for brick engraving. Visit www.hyatts.com to view a video.  

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

Would you like to expand your shop’s capabilities and easily create ADA-compliant signage? Vision Engraving & Routing Systems makes it easy to create Braille signs with the Automatic Raster™ Braille Insertion Tool, an option with Vision sign-making, engraving, and routing machines. Vision machinery allows precise placement of the Rasters™ (Braille beads), which are essential in ADA signs. Visit www.visionengravers.com/sbe or call 855-818-3910 to learn more. Ask about our free web demonstrations, in which we’ll show you firsthand how a Vision machine will handle your specific business application.


Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, the #1 engraving machine manufacturer in the USA.  

Alumiline™ Linear LED Fixtures offer High Brightness and Efficiency

JKL Components Corporation presents their new Alumiline™ ZAF-series of linear LED lighting. Lengths available from 1 to 4 feet make these rigid assemblies a cost-saving solution for signage, backlighting, safety, and decorative applications. Alumiline™ is also an ideal candidate for architectural installations such as bookcases and closets. The aluminum backing performs as a structural mount, as well as a thermal control to enhance operating lifetime. Utilizing 24 Volts DC, it’s efficient, bright, dimmable, and UL listed with all the accessories to complete your project, now. For more information, consult www.jkllamps.com/linear-led or call 818/896-0019.

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