AXYZ Enhances the Capabilities of Digital Finishers

AXYZ International has just unveiled a versatile hybrid system that allows digital finishers to process an ever-increasing diversity of materials and to get the job done faster. The new Trident machine is equipped with a powerful router and two precision knives. This robust high-speed system allows small and midsize enterprises to take on an extensive diversity of projects that traditionally required two or more machines, additional space and several skilled operators.

Greg Jenkins, vice president of Sales for AXYZ, says, “We challenged our engineering team to develop a versatile CNC system, specifically for the digital finishing industry, that both meets traditional demands and at the same time gives you the ability to take on a much broader range of projects.”

Trident is built on the same proven table design as the AXYZ Series which offers endless configuration options. The rigid steel frame creates a strong support structure that allows for the more rigorous material processing capabilities of this machine. The processing area can range in size from four to seven feet wide and over forty feet long.

The exclusive live vacuum deck automatically switches zones for optimal material hold-down. The helical rack and pinion system on both the X and Y axes guarantees precision. Servo drive motors on all axes provide high-speed motion.

Trident features a streamlined triple-head carriage design. A 10hp router delivers the extreme power necessary to take on very demanding projects such as cutting non-ferrous metals, acrylic, wood and composites. The oscillating knife slices material such as soft or hard foam easily, while delivering clean-cut edges. The tangential knife cuts the harder and heavier materials such as card stock, foils, corrugates and most laminates. Numerous interchangeable blade attachments provide maximum versatility.

Trident’s vision system quickly locates conventional registration marks and automatically adjusts the machine’s path to ensure a 100 percent accurate cut. Adding a 7 or 21 capacity automatic tool changer provides quick versatility that delivers even higher efficiency.

Digital finishers can now expedite a broader range of projects with this fast and flexible router-knife combination that enhances capabilities and increases productivity.

Jenkins says, “Trident is the best in class router-knife combination.”

You can have a Trident system configured for your specific needs and production-ready in just a few weeks, direct from the AXYZ International custom machine building facility.

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