Bird-B-Gone Makes a Difference


BirdBGoneBird-B-Gone Inc.®, a manufacturer of commercial-grade, bird-control products is improving the lives of some of the poorest children in Africa through its partnership with the nonprofit organization Children of the Nations® (COTN®). Lasting change through the empowerment of youth is COTN’s goal in each of the communities it serves, and Bird-B-Gone demonstrates a commitment to that same goal through its partnership.

Bird-B-Gone president and CEO Bruce Donoho has been a committed advocate of COTN and has traveled to COTN’s ministry site in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He has funded numerous projects there including a water pump, a new guesthouse, children’s dormitories, teacher’s quarters, and solar electricity panels for COTN’s Children’s Homes. These projects have improved the health and education of the children COTN serves by providing them with clean water and electricity, and allowing more teachers, doctors, and other volunteers to visit and provide care.

Last year, Donoho took his commitment to care for children even deeper by joining COTN’s board of directors. “This started out as, ‘If we can just help or save one child who doesn’t have a lot of hope, it’s worth it,’” Donoho says. “It’s turned out to be even bigger than that.”