Bordeaux Expands Its Solution for Mutoh VJ Printing

Bordeaux, a leading inkjet ink manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of the 1-Liter bag ink solution for Mutoh™ VJ® series. Determined to develop and create ink solutions that are both high quality and cost effective, Bordeaux expanded its solutions for Mutoh. The new 1L durable bag with dedicated chip is now added to the current 440 ml bag solution.

With longer print runs, cost effectiveness got even better increasing print shop provider’s savings.

“Aiming to leverage our current products to increase our costumer’s productivity, we improved the Mutoh packaging solution to allow more ink usages, allowing our customers to save more money” says Guy Evron, marketing director at Bordeaux. “Moreover, the new 1L bag ink is part of our printer specific® ink solution concept to develop inks that are compatible to the OEM packaging for a quick and plug and print conversion.”

The dedicated packaging along with the unique ink formulation provides zero downtime installation, which does not require a technician assistance and can be done by the printer operator. Print shop owners are constantly searching for new ways to save on costs without sacrificing quality and printer specific inks with dedicated packaging will help print shops to increase their productivity.

For more information, visit or emal Nufar Kiryati at [email protected].